Client Testimonials

“I started searching for spiritual leadership in the most reliable place, the internet! (Ha, ha, ha!)  I did happen upon a women who had herself out there as a “Spiritual Life Coach” which was exactly what I was doing my internet search about.  I connected with her.  It has been a life changing meeting for me!!”
“She has changed my spiritual
life with my Lord forever to a level I never thought possible!! ” – Melody, Memphis, TN

“Stephanie was more than I ever could’ve asked for from a spiritual life coach. I went into our coaching relationship totally blind and a little rigid in the spiritual department. Our first session was her graciously listening to me try to avoid the reality of Christ in my life, by providing all of the excuses in the world I could come up with. Even so, I never once felt criticized or uncomfortable with her ‘still small’ voice, if you will, of the truth she consistently presented me with. It was obvious that she took the time to pray over our sessions and let the Lord speak through her to get the best insight during our time together each week. She worked with me for around three months, and I can confidently say that those three months changed my life forever. It’s a tough world out there, and I believe it takes community and accountability to get by. It is great that Stephanie is able to provide that in the spiritual world as well. I would highly recommend giving Stephanie’s coaching a try to see the freedom strengthening your relationship with the Lord can give.” -Kathryn, Akron, OH


“I was very much blessed to work with Stephanie Miller during a time of transition. I was seeking a closer relationship with Jesus and a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit. I brought to Stephanie the story of my faith journey. Stephanie listened with a kind and generous heart. She provided feedback without judgement. With encouragement and reassurance, her many insightful questions helped me to gain new perspectives and new insights . Stephanie worked with me to develop practical action steps. I found myself acting more courageously and trusting my relationship with Jesus more and more. Since working with Stephanie, I have become reinvigorated with my writing and my prayer practice. I have also been able to gain clarity in many areas and move forward to new levels of personal and spiritual growth. Stephanie is truly gifted by the Holy Spirit and I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who is in need of compassionate guidance and who seeks to get new insights on their life’s purpose and their role in the Kingdom.”
-Rhonda, San Marcos, TX

“I recommend Stephanie Miller to those of you who are committed to transformation by the Spirit and love of God! Stephanie passionately desires to run after God herself!”- Jennie, Santa Barbara, CA

“Thank you for being a soul that listens and follows God’s prompting because you saved my WHOLE life!!! Every area of my life is better because of you and your obedience to God’s instruction.” –Heather, Augusta, GA

“Stephanie Miller is committed to helping  people grow and develop personally & spiritually. I am thankful for her kindness and support. Anne Tyler, VA Beach, VA

“Before I began working with a Life Coach, I was not for sure of my goals and purpose that God had for me life.  Working with Stephanie changed the way that I viewed my life’s purpose and it became very clear to me that in order for me to grow, I needed to be willing to share my heart with others.  Stephanie is such a caring professional who knows how to listen and ask powerful questions that helped me face the tough things and challenged me to prevail over my fears.  Because of my past hurts, it was difficult for me to trust and show my true feelings.  Stephanie was the catalyst of authenticity and she was able to show me that sharing my true feelings is the key to change and finding purpose.  I will forever be grateful to you for showing me that I have purpose within me and God wants to use my life to help others.  God bless Stephanie and may your coaching and wisdom that God has given to you to touch other people’s life.”   –Aline, Dothan, AL