Savior Series

Do You Know Your Shepherd’s Voice?

I've been waiting to get to this verses that we are going to discuss today from the book of John. (It's one of my favorite passages about being sheep lead by the Good Shepherd.) We looked at John 10:11 a few days ago, so let's back up to John 10:2-6. 2┬áThe one who enters by… Continue reading Do You Know Your Shepherd’s Voice?

31 Days of Standing Firm

Stand Firm and Win Life

19┬áStand firm, and you will win life. Luke 21:19 So when I first read this verse I read it as," stand firm and you win at life" I thought to myself what is a very common social expression doing in the bible? (As many people often refer to their activities or lives as #winning.) But… Continue reading Stand Firm and Win Life