Savior Series

To Exchange One Life For Another

As we prepare for Easter Sunday, we must first give full acknowledgement to Good Friday. Our verse today from Ephesians doesn't specifically mention Jesus as "Savior", but does talk about  what He came to do and what He ended up doing.  and in one body to reconcile both of them to God through the cross,… Continue reading To Exchange One Life For Another

Savior Series

I Will Yet Praise Him

Today I had a different verse in mind to look at, but instead God has put Psalm 42 on my heart. We see that the word "Savior" is said more than once, so we will discuss each instance of the use of the word and the psalm in its entirety. 1 As the deer pants for streams… Continue reading I Will Yet Praise Him

31 Days of Standing Firm

Standing Firm: What it is and is NOT

I had planned on writing a summary post with links to the others posts, but I've decided since we've spend 30 days talking about what standing firm is, I want to address what standing firm is NOT. Standing firm is NOT: being close-minded stubborn in your own opinions being unreasonable a solo act faith in… Continue reading Standing Firm: What it is and is NOT