This Is Not What I Asked For

It's funny when you go to your favorite restaurant or fast food place and ask for their specialty sandwich, but with a little modification. Maybe you ask for a burger hold the bun, or extra sauce, and instead of getting what you asked for you get something like, A burger with a bun. No sauce,… Continue reading This Is Not What I Asked For


The Danger of Self-Deprecating Humor

We all do it thought, right? Make fun of ourselves, or point out a flaw or issue we have before someone else can. I've noticed this is especially true for me recently. It isn't even that we make fun of ourselves before someone else can, we can just put ourselves down in a way that… Continue reading The Danger of Self-Deprecating Humor

Holy Confidence

The Problem With Unsolicited Advice

Should not your piety be your confidence and your blameless ways your hope? Job 4:6 Ahh, our friend Job. This is a tough book to read and digest as a Christian. I've done a very detailed post of the book of Job before, but for now let's look at what this passage tells us about our… Continue reading The Problem With Unsolicited Advice