Spiritual Growth Coaching

Spiritual Growth Coaching is available for both individuals & groups.

  • Breakthrough

  • Life Purpose

  • Unstuck

 Spirituality, well being and spiritual development will mean different things for different people. Generally, the term spirituality refers to an individual’s sense of meaning and purpose, e.g. lots of people will ask questions at some point in their lives such as “Why are we here?”, “What is our purpose?” and “What is the meaning of life?”

Spiritual growth from a Christian life coach refers to the exploration of your ‘inner-self’ as it relates to your relationship to God.


As a breakthrough coach related to spirituality, I will coach you to through a spiritual breakthrough. It is through this type of coaching that we can identify any strongholds and false beliefs the enemy has planted in your head, and tear them down and eliminate them for good! It is only at our lowest point, when we are at the end of our rope when these breakthroughs occur.

Spiritual strongholds are strongly established sinful ways, false beliefs, and behaviors, that have gained a strong influence over a person to the extent that each stronghold “sets itself up against the knowledge of God”.  In areas that the strongholds are established, an individual is either unable to consistently follow God’s word or is unable to accept it because these spiritual strongholds have an excessive influence on him.

In our own lives as believers we’ve our own veils to remove. These veils constitute strongholds that hinder us from living true Christian lives. Spiritual strongholds are in two types:

1. Known and easily discernable strongholds: Operating as known sins.

2. Unknown and hidden strongholds: Operating under ignorance.

Known and easily discernable strongholds: Operating as known sins.

The obvious strongholds include matters that the bible clearly forbids and matters that are culturally unacceptable. Even though a person may know they’re forbidden and unacceptable he/she may still proceed to carry them out time and again. The repetition nature of such matters is what shows that strongholds have been established in an area(s) of concern.

Unknown and hidden strongholds: Operating under ignorance.

These are strongholds we’re not even aware that they exist. They include matters we lack understanding in, matters that the bible imprecisely forbids, and some matters that are culturally acceptable but are biblically unacceptable. Unknown, obscure or hidden strongholds operate under the veil of ignorance.

Imagine how it would feel to have strongholds such as: addictions, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, and strong reactive emotions no longer controlling you! By choosing to work with me, we can tear down those walls so you can start living in freedom today!


We all want to live out God’s plan for our lives, but many of us don’t know what his plan is! In this type of coaching we work together to uncover his purpose for you by looking into past experiences and your core beliefs and spiritual gifts. The best way to discover his plan for your life, is to fully understand who you are in Christ! You grasping your full identity in Christ is crucial in unlocking your kingdom purpose, and that is exactly what we will do!


Sometimes we are spiritually stagnant, and we seem to be spinning our wheels without getting anywhere! Other times we feel stuck in a rut, doing the same thing spiritually day in and day out without feeling fully connected to God. It’s hard to keep pressing on when you feel as God is not near. When we work together to get you “unstuck” we focus on realigning every area of your life with Christ. When you put God first, everything else will fall into place. Once you become unstuck you are on the path of amazing transformation!

There is often a lot of overlap between personal and growth coaching. Just as no two people are exactly alike, neither are coaching journeys! Experiences will differ based on each person, but they will have one thing in common: COMMITMENT. You must be committed to the transformation and allowing God to initiate change in you.

Just as no two people are exactly alike, neither are our spiritual journeys!