Are Your Windows Open?

I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but here near the Rocky Mountains we are starting to experience the first signs of Spring. For the most part it has started warming up throughout the day, so much so that people have their windows down while driving, their flip-flops on while walking,… Continue reading Are Your Windows Open?

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To Read, To Be, And To See

I wanted to title this the importance of community, however I feel we all are feeling the importance of community, especially now that meeting in person has been put on hold/ or at least limited for all of us. It seems that the more I am told I am not to do something, the more… Continue reading To Read, To Be, And To See


What it Takes to Get Well

This is one of the first blog posts I ever posted, as it was published in 2016. However, I believe that it contains important truth when it comes to understanding "what it takes to get well."  I've edited out some previous content, and as you'll see me mention my ministry had just started when writing… Continue reading What it Takes to Get Well