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Where Do We Go From Here?

So here we are, the last day of October. The last day of the #write31series. I have mixed feeling about this. I've really enjoyed writing this series on Prayer, I hope that you have enjoyed the series too! As we approach November, I will not be able to write as much. I've mentioned before we… Continue reading Where Do We Go From Here?

31 Days of Prayer Scripture and Quotes

Two Verses, One Will!

Friends, we are nearing the end of #write31days and thus the end of the 31 Days of Prayer Verses and Quotes series. I know, I'm sad about it too, but for now I have TWO verses on Prayer I would like to focus on. Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s… Continue reading Two Verses, One Will!

31 Days of Prayer Scripture and Quotes

Humble Pie with Salt, Please!

It is one thing to pray for big things in the abstract, but it is another to pray more practical prayers. There is nothing wrong with either. Sometimes we need hope, encouragement and comfort, and other times we just need to find our car keys that we've lost for the hundredth time! And then there… Continue reading Humble Pie with Salt, Please!