1. Believing in People – The unconditional belief of a coach unleashes the power of God for change in a client’s life.

  2. God Initiates Change – God is the sovereign initiator of change in our lives.

  3. Leaders Take Responsibility – Instead of waiting for others to care for them, leaders take responsibility for their own growth.

  4. Transformation Happens Experientially – The things that really shape us happen experientially, not by accumulating information.

  5. Learning from Life – All things work together for good if we are learning from life.

  6. Ministry Flows out of Being – Who I am is what I have to give.

  7. Learning Community – Growth and change are maximized within an accountable learning community of authentic relationship.

  8. Authentic Relationships – Open and honest relationships are what make the body of Christ and experienced reality.

  9. Own–Life Stewardship – God has entrusted each person with the stewardship of his or her own life.

  10. Each Person is Unique – Each person is a uniquely designed individual with a distinctive gifting, history, and call.