Holy Confidence

Having Confidence Through Fear

We are in Day 3 of our guest bloggers for this week, and please welcome Meghan Villatoro on the blog today! She is going to be discussing Hebrews 13:6 with us!

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Have you ever been afraid?

I don’t mean a little worried, I mean shaking, sweating, and scared for your life?

I’m not a brave person by any means, but there is only one time in my life that I can actually remember being truly afraid.

I live in El Salvador, a beautiful little country, that unfortunately, is plagued by gang violence, and crime. For many of the years that I have lived here, the country has had the highest homicide rate in the world, which is kind of sadly ironic for a country whose name literally translates to “The Savior”.

A few years back, my friend was visiting me from the States, and her and I had to spend the night at a motel with my three young sons. The motel was a dirty, hole-in-the-wall type of place that would make a motel 6 look luxurious!

The thought of staying there with my kids, without my husband, and in a bad part of town, made me uneasy, but at the time it was our only option.

We had gotten my kids to sleep, and things were fine until we were startled by loud yelling. Men were banging on the door of the room two doors away from us, and we were afraid of what might be happening outside.

A few minutes later there was banging again, this time it was on the door right next to our room. A woman was screaming, and my friend and I were terrified.

We knew it was most likely men from the local gang, MS-13, banging on doors demanding money, which we had very little of. In the back of my mind, I knew that if we didn’t give them what they wanted we could be in serious danger.

Knowing the reputation of MS-13, I knew they would think nothing of taking my children, or even killing us.

The flimsy lock on the door was hooked, but we knew it would do nothing to keep them out. In a way, it made things worse, because when we locked it, a sign slid over on the outside of the door that said “occupied” (like an airplane bathroom) so they could see someone was in the room. We had the lights off, and we were hoping it would look like no one was in our room.

We sat like statues, on the edge of the bed. My friend sat in front of my two older boys to protect them, and I rocked my baby, to keep him from crying.

As we sat there, we both started saying silent prayers.

The absolute fear I felt in that moment was like nothing I have ever felt before.

While we waited for what seemed like forever, my mind was flooded with Bible verses that I had memorized over the years. I began to pray the words of the verses, and suddenly a wave of peace came over me.

Looking back on that experience, this verse from Hebrew comes to mind:

So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?”  Hebrews 13:6

At that moment I didn’t know for sure what would happen, but even in that situation I was confident that God would protect us.

Everything that was happening around me told me I should be very fearful, but the words of the Lord reminded me that I didn’t need to be afraid. Even then, I could be confident that there was nothing that these men could do to me that He wasn’t in control of.

I don’t know why the men passed by our door that night.

It’s possible that they saw it was dark and assumed that no one was in the room. Another possibility is that someone called the police and they wanted to get away. I will never know what actually happened when they got to our door, but I don’t need an explanation.

I am confident that whatever happened, it was the work of the Lord.

I don’t know what situations you may face in your life, but I do know that whatever happens, our God is a God who keeps His word. We can be confident that He is in control, and that He will protect us, and comfort us, even in the most dangerous and scary situations!



I’m M. J. A Christian blogger at RestoreAmor.com. I live in El Salvador with my husband and four kids.

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