Holy Confidence

Having Confidence in Correction

Egypt will no longer be a source of confidence for the people of Israel but will be a reminder of their sin in turning to her for help. Then they will know that I am the Sovereign Lord Ezekiel 29:16

The verse for today is in the book of Ezekiel, which is one of the prophets of the old testament. The Lord spoke to him and told him to tell this prophecy against Egypt to Pharaoh.

The basic premise of the message is this: because of your arrogance I will destroy you and I will destroy your kingdom.

But only for a time, I will use the evil that was done in the eyes of the Lord as a reminder of the sin my people committed when they turned away from God.

13 “‘Yet this is what the Sovereign Lord says: At the end of forty years I will gather the Egyptians from the nations where they were scattered. 14 I will bring them back from captivity and return them to Upper Egypt, the land of their ancestry. There they will be a lowly kingdom. 15 It will be the lowliest of kingdoms and will never again exalt itself above the other nations. I will make it so weak that it will never again rule over the nations. 16 Egypt will no longer be a source of confidence for the people of Israel but will be a reminder of their sin in turning to her for help. Then they will know that I am the Sovereign Lord.’”

We read that Egypt will no longer be a source of trust for the people of Israel, but instead the reminder of the pain that was inflicted on them as a result of turning away from the Lord.

Egypt will no longer be a source of confidence for the people of Israel but will be a reminder of their sin in turning to her for help. Then they will know that I am the Sovereign Lord.’”

Earlier in this passage it talks about the disaster that is to come to Egypt as a result of  not only how Pharaoh acted (taking credit himself) but also how the people responded.

It seems to me that even though there will be swift judgement brought to Egypt, there will also be redemption and reconciliation. What was done in evil was made for good.

God restores Egypt, but not to the place that is was before because He wants His people to be reminded of His Sovereignty (how truly powerful He is) and His mercy (He could have chosen to keep Egypt obliterated, and instead He did “bring them back from captivity.)

I recently watched a parenting webinar that discussed the difference between punishment and discipline.

Discipline is all about correction, while punishment is about blame, shame and pain.

Discipline is shown in effort to help teach the child and punishment is given to exert power,authority and control.

Even since Jesus died on the cross for us….

God doesn’t punish us, He disciplines us in an effort to correct, modify or change our behavior.

For the people of Israel they learned a valuable lesson, to not put their confidence or trust in anyone or anything apart from God.

Scars often mark decisions or choices we’ve made. Some scars are from going into battle knowing the Lord was leading us into the fire, and other scars show up as a result of reaping the consequences of our actions.

These scars or reminders are there for a reason, they serve a purpose. They lead us back to the One, the only One that we should be putting our #HolyConfidence in.

My toddler gets in these aggressive moods, where if she doesn’t get her way she will become aggressive and even hit or push her little brother down.

As a result of her behavior, I’ve taken to putting her in the corner, removing her from him and having her sit there until she “calms down”.

Sometimes she calms down quickly, and other times she get more and more worked up.

Finally she does reach a point where she is quiet and ready to listen and respond to my correction.

You can’t push your brother down when you’re upset that is not nice. Please go tell him you’re sorry.

She will quietly get up go to him, hug him and say, sorry.

Then she looks at me and will often come up to me and hug me and say sorry.

So while she disobeyed and acted out of anger towards her brother, I will use that as a teachable moment, a reminder of what happens when we disobey.

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it Hebrews 12:11

If we place our confidence in anything other than God, He will work to shut it down and redirect our hearts back to Him.

Be confident and know that God uses all things for His glory and His purposes.

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And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28










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