Holy Confidence

How Faithful Deposits Build Confidence

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For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth. Psalm 71:5

I’m so excited for today’s verse because it brings us back to the #saviorseries I did this past April looking at the word “Sovereign” in scripture.

So let’s look at what the greek words are for sovereign and confidence.

sovereign– (others versions besides the NIV translate this into “Lord” so this is the proper name for God derived from “Adonay”.

confidence– “mibtach”  refers to “security and trust”, “to put trust in.”

I’m not sure why, but this reminds me of those savings account that parents sometimes open up for their kids. Shortly after my children were born we opened up accounts for both of them and make deposits into their account every year.

From birth they have received small amounts (they are still young, so it isn’t much right now) but once they turn 18 and become adults they will receive all the money and the investments we have made for them in their name.

When they are able to gain access to their own accounts, I hope they see the “faithful deposits” we made for them. Much like the David recollects God’s faithfulness and confidence from his youth, he is able to look back on his experience to gain the appropriate appreciation and understanding of God’s sovereignty.

And it was true, God had been with him since he was young, he had handpicked him to be king. He had sought him out of the field, gave him victory over Goliath, protected him against Saul’s attacks, and gave him numerous other victories.

None of these events happened by chance, they were all part of God’s greater plan to make way for Jesus. David doesn’t only put his confidence in God as hope and trust, but also surrenders himself.

What does #HolyConfidence look like in terms of surrender? One word comes to mind.

Prayer. The best way to surrender something that you are trying to control is to pray to release it and allow God to move in that area on your behalf.

It’s not confidence in our abilities to handle the situation, but confidence in God to take care of it. David calls God his confidence (trust) meaning he is all in with him (especially as he looks back on his own life to see God at work)

There is no doubt that I’m in a challenging season of parenting at the moment. My 2.5 year old has a mind of her own and is hellbent on trying to demonstrate her control and power (independence) in almost any situation. It is tough, but as much as I can I need to be faithful to respond without anger, so these faithful responses (jut like faithful deposits) add up.

Going back to to my savings account example, I don’t just want to make monetary contributions faithfully, but to pray faithfully as well. To pray faithfully for my children will allow God to use those prayers to activate their confidence.

In this holy confidence we can pray for others.

What did it look like in David’s life for God to be his trust and security?

What does it look like in your life for God to be your trust and security?

I want to look back on my life and say that I put my confidence and trust in God each and everyday. The decisions we make in faith don’t seem like much in the moment, but all of the choices, (much like the money deposited consistently into a savings account) add up for our lifetime.



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