Subtle Ways Satan Tries to Stop You From Sharing Your Story

Sharing our story with others can be hard. It is hard to be transparent and authentic, it doesn’t come naturally to us. It is especially hard to continue to be authentic and share our testimonies if we don’t receive immediate validation or affirmation after bearing our heart. Satan wants to keep us in darkness and he wants us to put on a facade.

Satan’s goal is to kill our authenticity and wound our spirit. Even if we find the courage to share our story we run the risk of it being validated, so he wants to shut us down.

Here Are The 3 Ways Satan Tries To Stop You From Sharing Your Story:

  • He will tell us that what we went through or are going through is insignificant and it doesn’t’ matter.
  • He diminishes our pain and our hurt to where we question if this sounds like “broken record” or others had it much harder so it isn’t a big deal.
  • He wants us to be afraid that others will judge us or look at us differently after hearing our story.

Satan loves extremes. He wants us to walk away after telling our testimony feeling ashamed, embarrassed, raw, vulnerable and naked.

We can’t tell our authentic story if we are trying to avoid feeling exposed.  Honestly telling out story, our doubts, fear, worries and insecurities does expose the human in us and show us in a “less flattering light”.

We expose the parts of ourselves that we normally try to cover up.

Recently I spoke about my testimony to two different audiences in two different contexts just this past week.

One was impromptu over a zoom video call, where I could see the other person’s facial expressions and receive immediate affirmation.

The other instance was through a video that I made a shared in a group of other Christian moms.

While one instance of sharing my story left me inflated, the other instance let me deflated.

So what was the difference?

Let me just tell you that pride has no place in our story, or our testimony.

In the first instance I got the praise and acceptance of sharing my story that I desired. In the other instance it was watched but no comments and no responses. As a writer and speaker it can be so hard to put ourselves out there and not receive confirmation and affirmation that we did the right thing or that it spoke to someone.

Is the answer that we should wait to tell our story until we know that we will get the comments, affirmation and understanding we desire?

Why is it that when we share our story sometimes God brings others to affirm our testimony and other times we go out on a limb and hear crickets?

I don’t honestly know. But I do know that whether we are welcomed and congratulated and told how much they appreciate our story or if we are left feeling out there in the middle of the ocean with no life raft to hold onto after, we still share our stories.

Listen to me as I tell you these few things:

  • A response or lack of response does not negate God’s goodness or glory.
  • Hard things are sometimes hard for other’s to hear and they don’t know what to say or how to respond.
  • We share out of obedience (God nudges us to share, or in my case we are asked to share)
  • Allow the Holy Spirit to speak through you, instead of trying to speak what you think you need to say. (usually when we are apologizing for our emotions, thoughts, experiences, we are playing into satans schemes. These actions can reflect a deeper pride issue)
  • Trust that if He’s placed you in the position to share that He is using your story in some way in the hearts’ of the audience. (His intended audience, not yours.)

Using these few points above, when determining what to share or not share in our story, are there any parts you would discuss differently?

How would you share your story differently if Jesus was in front of you?

That’s my challenge for you today, friends. When sharing your heart or your testimony consider what you might highlight or choose to expand on as if you were in front of Jesus and not in front of others.

After all, the only opinion that matters is His.

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