31 Days of Standing Firm




I am taking a challenge starting October 1 until October 31 to write EVERYDAY for each day in the month of October. I am super excited about doing this, a little nervous how this is going to go with having a baby now, but mostly excited! I’ve now completed this challenge for 2 years in a row and each time God has used my obedience to writing about his word in AMAZING ways!

What is the Write 31 Days Challenge?

This is something I just found out about after #Shespeaks16, and I’m so glad I did! I am joining several other women from all over the country (maybe even the world) to write consistently for 31 days on a topic of our choice.

What does this writing challenge have to do with me?

Well it has alot to do with you! It means that you will hear from me consistently, everyday (weekends included) for 31 days. So those of you that enjoy my writing and wish I wrote more, you will now get daily updates from me with the new post related to the 31 day series! YOU CAN ALSO FIND EACH POST ON FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM FOR THE DURATION OF THE SERIES.

What is your series about?

I’m so glad you asked! the #standfirmseries will be looking at scriptures that contain the words, “stand firm” or “stands firm”. This is something that God spoke to me about a month ago as I was really trying to come up with a practical application of what it looks like to STAND FIRM! So I don’t know what all is in store for us as we explore these words, in Philippians, Psalms, Proverbs and more, but I can’t wait to find out!

As a disclaimer, my life is considerably more busy now as a mom, so my posts might not be a lengthy as they have been in previous years (not that you are complaining, I’m sure!) But I do commit to posting something everyday for #write31days!

So stay tuned for the first post, as we lay the groundwork for what it looks like to #standfirm, STARTING THIS MONDAY, OCTOBER 1!

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