Transformation Emerges From Transparency

transform transparentTransformation emerges from transparency.

If you have browsed through my site before then you know that this is my tagline for my coaching ministry.

And if you know me at all then you know I am a huge fan of being transparent and authentic.

That being said it has been some time since I’ve last posted. I’ve had some major life changes happen and several more within the next few months. For now I will pop on here now and again to write when I feel led to do so. This is one of those times.

I kept seeing the same ad for a book that was newly released on Facebook over and over again until finally I decided to purchase the book, “Three Weeks to Forgiveness: God’s Redemption in the Dark Places of Addiction” by Kimberly Dewberry.

What I thought I was going to read, and what I actually read were two different things. I hesitated to read the book at first because I thought it was more of a “how to” book about forgiveness. When I did finally start to read the book though I was pleasantly surprised that instead it is her open and honest account of her life and her relationship with her alcoholic father.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT a book review, rather the author’s book sparked my continued pursuit of transparency and authenticity.

I had the privilege of writing a guest post for her blog, and I will warn you it is ugly and messy. There are parts of my testimony that I previously tried to tuck away, and thus have not publicly discussed…until now.

As big of a fan that I am about being “real” I do think there is a certain time and place to do so. I don’t lay all my cards out on the table the second I sit down, instead I select carefully which card to put down and why. Unless someone else shows their cards first to give me the courage to show my cards, I will keep most of my “secrets” close to my chest.

Kimberly Dewberry layed her cards out on the table and compelled me to do the same.

So here it is, the story and the testimony that has challenged me to revisit my “past demons” if you will. It is messy, and it paints me in an unflattering light, but it is real.

It is authentic. It is transparent.  follow this link to read it over on Kimberly’s blog, I pray it encourages you!

Blessings and Love,



3 thoughts on “Transformation Emerges From Transparency”

  1. Stephanie – What a beautifully written, and gut-wrenching transparent posts.
    I so appreciate your willingness to share your story, and in doing so, touch the lives of others with the hope that can be found in Christ.
    You faith and courage inspire me, sweet friend!


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