31 Days of Prayer Scripture and Quotes

A Response to “Don’t Just Pray, Do Something!”

Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe we are halfway through the week already! I pray that these posts thus far have been uplifting and encouraging and that you’ve been able to really start to deepen your understanding of prayer.

Today’s post comes from 2 Chronicles 6:21:

Hear the supplications of your servant and of your people Israel when they pray toward this place. Hear from heaven, your dwelling place; and when you hear, forgive.

Let’s define supplication as “the action of asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly.” (I will refer back to this later)

I don’t know about you, but I find this verse so fitting for what is going on in the world, especially after what happened in Las Vegas earlier this week.

I did notice something on my newsfeed though, and I would love to know if you had the same experience. Even though the shooting and the hurricanes were terrible tragedies, it seemed as though many of my facebook friends responded differently.

After hurricane Harvey and Irma hit, people seemed to rally together to support each other, and to openly offer prayer of comfort and encouragement. They also openly donated, or gave several ways to donate to help out the victims.

After the shooting happened in Las Vegas, some people seemed to still #prayforvegas, but many more people seemed to point fingers and place blame and even insult those of us that openly said we are praying for all affected by the shooting.  Here are some of the comments I am referring to:

 “Your thoughts and prayers aren’t going to stop the next shooting. Only action and leadership will do that,” 

“Seems like your #prayfor_____ has failed and will continue too. Perhaps we should focus on gun reform, better access (any access/awareness) for mental health, and stricter gun laws. We have become numb and worn down by these events. Instead of sending invisible thoughts, how about showing up for your local elections and demanding some f#$%$^* change.”

How these responses hurt my heart. While so many people think that prayer and “invisible thoughts” are pointless, it is the ONLY catalyst for change.


My mother always used to tell me that, “When there is a will, there is a way” and I believe that if the person’s will is strong enough no amount of gun reform laws, or stricter legislation will stop a person from doing what they have set his or her mind to (granted it can make it more difficult, but just like a thief that comes to rob your house, if they are determined to rob you they will, even if you have a security system.)

Going back to today’s verse, Solomon’s prayer is saying that when the Lord’s people mess up, that God will hear our prayers of supplication (humble asking) and forgives us.

Not only are we to pray for other people individually, but we are also called to pray on behalf of people as a nation.

God calls us to intercede for others in prayer so he can do His will.

Tomorrow we will discuss this further, and look at instances in old testament when God had an intercessor and when there was no intercessor to pray on behalf of the nation.

Focus Question: Consider this prayer quote: 


How does this relate to today’s verse on prayer? How can we view this in terms of supplication?






2 thoughts on “A Response to “Don’t Just Pray, Do Something!””

  1. This is so rich, Stephanie. I agree…and we can’t see everywhere our prayers will touch. But we do know they can also touch us on the inside. Thank you for sharing this. I hope you are well!


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