Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet?

When are we going to get there?

How much longer?

If you have kids or remember what it was like when you were a kid, you recognize these questions as the infamous queries from kids who have been in the car more than they would like.

They are getting impatient. They are ready to get out the car and stop traveling to the destination, and instead JUST BE THERE.

I know I’m ready to get of the car where there is nothing else to do but sit there and wait. I’m ready to get out and stretch my legs and arrive at the next place.

Anyone else ever feel the same?

But it isn’t that easy, we must ride in cars in order to reach our destinations. We have limited control over the trajectory of the route we take.

My family got hit with a whammy recently. Shook us to the core. I experienced every emotion possible within a period of a few hours. The post I wrote a month ago that is published today is something that God knew I would need in the midst of this uncertainty.

“Ultimately whether we walk or run it’s not about how fast we are going, it is about letting God set our pace” to continue reading this post click HERE!

I’m so thankful that God gives us exactly what we need to get through each day. I’m so thankful that God loves me so much to protect me and comfort me by allowing my past self to minister to my future self. How many of us have had times where God gives us words and we don’t see the value in the those words until later on?

HE PREPARES US FOR THE STORM even BEFORE we know we are going to be in it.

I don’t like what is happening. I don’t understand why it’s happening. All I can do is trust in Him.


1 thought on “Are We There Yet?”

  1. I remember the “Are We There Yet?” all too well, and now we’ve entered them with our own boys. But You are so right about letting God set our pace in all things. I often find myself rushing ahead of Him with certain things. I need to learn some more patience! Blessings!


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