Are you Hot, Cold or Just Right? (How to take your “Emotional Temperature”)

Have you ever played the game where you hide something and have the other person search for it, giving them clues as to tell the person they are, “hot” or  “cold” in their pursuit to find the object that you’ve hidden?

We search so frantically for the hidden object and change course when we hear we are getting “colder”. We would never keep on the same path once we are told we are indeed off course.

Why do we do this to our emotions? Why do we hold on to stubborn feelings that skew our perspective of ourselves and the world around us that move us further away from the goal of the “hidden object?

To continue reading this post, visit http://amommasjoy.com/take-emotional-temperature/ to read more about how our emotions are not only our thermometer, but also our compass towards spiritual growth relating to our wellness emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Blessings sweet friends!




4 thoughts on “Are you Hot, Cold or Just Right? (How to take your “Emotional Temperature”)”

  1. Hi Stephanie! I hope all is well in your world. I struggle this time of year with the confinement that the cold and wet weather can bring. I am happiest when I am outdoors and that is just not as possible in winter. But yesterday we had a very unseasonable day and I set a January record of nearly 22,000 steps on my Fitbit as my wife and I took advantage of the holiday and di work in the yard and around the outside of our home. Right now I am hot, meaning in a good place. I want to believe I can continue on this path, but sometimes the juices in me do not cooperate so nicely for this goal.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Joe! I agree we often start out with great intentions, but somehow our motivations start to wane. I pray that God continues to give you the motivation (and discipline) you need to stay in a hot place. Congrats on completing your step goal, that is great that you are your wife were able to take advantage of nicer weather!

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      1. I am a sucker for numbers Stephanie and since receiving this Fitbit device at a holiday office party on January 31st I have accumulated about 4.3 million steps. Getting up and getting gout is a great goal for me. The little buzzing cycle when I reach 10,000 daily steps is a nice little accomplishment each day.


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