What God asks of us (I’ll give up anything but THAT!)

You never know what you have until it’s gone, but you know what you are missing until is arrives.

This is a newer quote I recently discovered. I have always heard the first part, but the second part of it is new to me.

A friend and my own coach once told me, ” You only know what you know, so you don’t know what you don’t know.” We do one thing one way because it is the only way we know, but once we are taught a different way we can adapt that new way of thinking.

I have written a post in the past on safety nets Where is your safety net?, and since then I have realized that not only does our plan B (in case plan A doesn’t work out) create a false sense of security, but so does our insistence on putting people, things, hobbies or activities before God.

What does God do about this? What should we do about this?

To read the rest of this post visit this link http://wp.me/p7PDAA-GT  on the Daughters of the Deep page and learn how giving up that one thing that you told God to let you hold onto might just be the best thing for you. When you let old habits die, new opportunities can grow.


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