Write 31 days - Fruit of Faithfulness Challenge

Fruit of Faithfulness: Week 2 RECAP

Here we are, Sunday of Week 2 of the #fruitoffaithfulness challenge.

I hope you have had a great weekend so far, and now I’m going to review what we’ve discussed so far. I figured after my extremely personal post yesterday we could use a day to collect our thoughts (or at least I can!)

So here it is:

Monday-Saturday Recap (because sometimes less words = greater impact)


Monday-He Remains Faithful

if we are faithless,he remains faithful,for he cannot disown himself. 2 Timothy 2:13

The challenge was to pray and think about your “go-to” scriptures as the main star, and which other inspirational quotes play the part of the supporting role.

Tuesday- I may rely on your faithfulness

Teach me your way, Lord,
    that I may rely on your faithfulness;
give me an undivided heart,
    that I may fear your name. – Psalm 86:11

The challenge was to pray and ask God to reveal where our heart may be divided. We need to remember that: 

True faithfulness takes place when you fear the Lord and have one heart to pursue His purpose for you.

Wednesday- The Lord rewards everyone for their faithfulness

The Lord rewards everyone for their righteousness and faithfulness. The Lord delivered you into my hands today, but I would not lay a hand on the Lord’s anointed. As surely as I valued your life today, so may the Lord value my life and deliver me from all trouble.” 1 Samuel 26:23-24

The challenge was to pray for those who have wronged you and begin to develop the understanding that:

As God’s chosen ones we are called higher by our developing faithfulness that lets God be God in our lives and the lives of others.

Thursday- Faithfulness: Feeling or Choice?

Faithfulness is a commitment to follow-through, despite how you feel.

The challenge was to consider and share with your accountability partner, “How you can demonstrate faithfulness through commitment, despite how you feel?”

Friday- Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for

Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for; through the fear of the Lord evil is avoided. Proverbs 16:6

The challenge was to note the ways in which God reveals this to you and the ways that you express your fear of the Lord to yourself, to God and others around you.

Saturday- Let love and faithfulness never leave you

Let love and faithfulness never leave you, bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Proverbs 3:3

The challenge was to make every choice and express every attitude from love and faithfulness to God, yourself and others.

  • What was your biggest take away?
  • What really “stuck” with you this week?
  • What are you hoping to get out of next week?

I am learning that I want my faithfulness to be rewarded externally by others.This is struggle that I am having because I am still striving to do the right thing/write the right thing in order for good things to happen. I am operating out of an obedience leads to faithfulness mindset, but the mindset I need to adapt is faithfulness leads to obedience.

There is no guarantee that remaining faithful will result in things falling exactly into place like I wish they would. The guarantee is God works His faithfulness in me and through me because He created me to love me. 

and let’s cap it off with another good song: Love you all, blessings!



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