Write 31 days - Fruit of Faithfulness Challenge

Faithfulness: Feeling or Choice?


Fruit of Faithfulness Series: Day 13

Today was a busy day I’m tired. I spent all day out and about being social.

As a closet introvert, I’m exhausted.

I say all of this to tell you that through this challenge I am learning that faithfulness is not a feeling, it is a choice.


Faithfulness is a commitment to follow through.

I am faithful to complete this writing challenge because I am going to do what I said I’m going to do.

No excuses.

Being able to remain faithful by completing a daily post despite whether or not I feel like it makes me think of God’s faithfulness to us.

He is true to word and does exactly what He says He will do. He doesn’t allow feelings to stop Him from carrying out His plan for our life.

“I don’t feel like it” is not in His vocabulary, and when we become more like Christ it disappears from ours also.

We do things we don’t feel like doing because we know people depend of us.

Jesus died on the cross not because he felt like it, but because He was faithful to His father and the fate of mankind depended on it.

I go to the gym everyday not because I feel like it (really let’s be honest who does!) but because I made a commitment.

I avoid sugar and dairy and gluten not because I feel like it (especially when I spend the better part of the day baking/tasting) but because I made a commitment.

Friends this is the point of the post where you are most likely going to roll your eyes, because I am going to speak of commitment and accountability again.

Commitment keeps company with accountability.

When we make a commitment, or a choice the next step is to tell someone to help keep us accountable.

I haven’t been working out daily, but in front of you I commit to getting back into that habit.

I have not been avoiding dairy/gluten/sugar but in front of you I commitment to go without.

There we go, I’ve made a formal commitment and I have told others that can help hold me accountable.

Now with this choice to commit comes the choice to remain faithful despite feelings and circumstances.

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14

This means that our faithfulness supersedes our feelings. Doing what we are called to do despite how we feel.


Daily challenge:
I know some of you may have accountability partners in person, but I want to give you the opportunity to get some accountability over the internet. 
What are some things you would like to commit to and need someone to hold you accountable?
How can you demonstrate faithfulness through commitment, despite how you feel?

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