Taking on the Weight of the World (consequences of carrying too much)

(This is the second part of the post series, Why we can’t do it all.. to read the first part on kingdom responsibilities, click HERE.


I am the type of friend who you can call and talk about your problems with. I enjoy helping you work through what you’re going through and love when you gain new insight after we’ve talked. (and by talked I mean I really just listened to you sort out your thoughts and feelings)

I enjoy helping other’s by listening to them. Never underestimate the power of listening to someone else so intently that they have no doubt of unconditional positive regard for them.

When you are listening to someone and not just hearing them, differences emerge. You start to get a feeling and a sense of what they are struggling with, worry about and fighting through. This type of listening and empathetic understanding goes deeper into more of a soul level connection.

Did I get too deep too fast?… Let me back up by referencing John 13:34, we are to love one another.

It is by Christ’s love in us which allows us to listen to one another in love. We often provide a ear to listen or a should to cry on when someone we love is in need of support.

If you’re like me, you like to listen to what a person is going through and their thoughts,but the key here is to not take on everything yourself. Rather, allow yourself to feel the problems of this world and then immediately submit them to God.

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:7

Too many times our loved ones problems can become our problems so much that we start to feel physically sick from carrying them. 

I am sick with worry about you…

I was up all night thinking about your dilemma…

It made me so upset to hear that this happened…

It one thing to feel the gravity of someone else’s burden but it is another to try to solve that problem yourself.

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” -Galatians 6:2

It doesn’t say “solve each others’s burdens”.

We are the church of his people, connected through our love for our Father and our love for each other. Through our love for each other we share in the joy of other’s blessings as well as the weight of their hardships.

We don’t take on their problems as our own, but allow ourselves to remain connected to God so we can be there in their time of need, providing the comfort and support to them just as He has provided for us.

“He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.” – 2 Corinthians 1:4-5

We are not created to be problem solvers but to be people lovers.

The way to love others  starts with sharing our authentic selves with them (not the perfectly put together Sunday morning church self, but the raw ugly cry self ), as well as sharing in the issues and struggles of daily living.

That is why small groups designed for a specific group of people are so important.

Support for young moms.

Support for newly divorced people

Support for medical and dental spouses.

Each of these groups provide the support and encouragement to know that we are not alone. By sharing our stories of growing pains and life lessons along the way we are able to carry each other burdens, but also cast this concern over to the Lord, the ultimate problem solver.

Initially I planned to write this post about the dangers of not sharing your problems with others, but the Spirit has written words through me about connection and community and the importance of listening to others.

I encourage you to share your stories with others and pray and encourage each other.

I am starting a online small group community for people who are looking to find emotional freedom, in order to walk in the path of spiritual growth.  We will be studying Jane Ault’s book, Emotional Freedom: The Choices We Must Make , if you are interested in more information about this group and to sign up, please click HERE. (study starts early September, so don’t wait too long to sign up, space is limited!)

Blessings friends!

In this group, we will be working through the book, Emotional Freedom: The Choices We Must Make, by Jane Ault. This book includes the following help:


  • The “Tree” model of emotion expands your understanding of emotion.
  • The dance called “Choosing Grace” tells you how to cooperate with God so that you can receive his grace and power.
  • Maps of anger, resentment, and revenge help you recognize stages in the development of addictive emotions.
  • Maps of self-control, joy, and mercy show you steps in the pathway to freedom.
  • A study guide listing key concepts, plus questions for reflection and discussion that will help you integrate these new concepts into your everyday life.

 This 14 week group includes:

  • A signed paperback copy of the book, Emotional Freedom: The Choices We Must Make 
  • a BONUS second book Heart Connections: Finding Joy through Openness with God, a book on Bible journaling.
  • 14 weekly zoom meetings with myself and other members of the group
  • Study guide, discussion questions and journal prompts for each week
  • Unlimited Support, Encouragement and Accountability from myself and your fellow Emotional Freedom group members!

We will be meeting via zoom (meeting time TBD). THIS WILL BE AN OPPORTUNITY TO SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER WEEKLY. Please sign up below to receive a welcome email and secure your spot in this group. 


 I’m offering an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL:You get all of the above plus (I saved the best for last) access to the private Facebook group for $25.00! (this includes the two books+free shipping+weekly video meetings+ unlimited support)

To take advantage of the early bird special, be sure to signup by August 26. (If you register after August 26, you will get all of the above for $25.00 but have to pay shipping)

Visit this link to watch the video explaining more about the group!  https://www.facebook.com/stephaniemillercoach/videos/1603914186573606/


I am going to put my heart and soul into leading this group, so I would like to reserve the limited number of spots for people who are committed to embarking on this journey of Emotional Freedom.


Once you sign up you will receive a welcome email with details to complete your registration and link to join the facebook group!






4 thoughts on “Taking on the Weight of the World (consequences of carrying too much)”

  1. I love how God weaves people together, right when we need a certain word of encouragement. I was just sharing this verse with my kids last night when I tucked them in. (Cast your cares….)

    I love listening to people too, and have only recently understood it was not my responsibility to “fix things.” I have a heart to help so hearing certain problems from friends etc would get me in fix-it mode. Though God has used some of it for good, being a go-getter and networking for friends or family who need a job lead etc, so I think we for sure need to let the Holy Spirit lead but I totally get what you are saying here. This is a great word for Christians today, much needed.

    I didn’t expect to run across a study as I was visiting from #CoffeeAndJesus, but I am going to check it out! There have been numerous opportunities to sign up for different ones but I wanted to pray and let God lead me to the right one. I battled with anxiety and stuff for years and have been talking to my husband about the need I have to talk through some things with someone, so maybe this is it…

    Sorry for the long comment haha. Have a blessed day friend. So thankful I found you here!


    1. Thank you for your kind words, sweet friend! I am honored that you found value in this post. I understand completely how letting the Spirit guide you is the best when making a decision to pursue this opportunity, as it is a commitment and investment. but after having gone through it myself, I can honestly say it is transformational! I’ll be praying that God prepares your heart for what He has for you to receive! Your kind words have made my day today, blessings!


      1. I went ahead and put my name in. I have been praying and know this is it. No doubt, just excitement and peace in finding a friend who has been there, is a Christian and is actually available. I am letting God revamp my lifestyle and have pulled back from a lot due to anxiety & being overwhelmed. I am so pumped and thankful that God just swooped in and answered this prayer of mine today!


  2. Wonderful post Stephanie! Community is so incredibly important for everyone to be a part of in some way. We do life better together. I’m excited to hear how your group goes! Thanks for linking up at #JesusandCoffee this week!

    Liked by 1 person

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