Thanksgiving and She Speaks- What they have in common

Ahh She Speaks. Such a great time meeting and connecting with women from all over and hearing their stories and God-given passions. It was truly inspirational to meet so many beautiful women and learn of their unique ministries and ways they are impacting God’s kingdom.

After I got home on Sunday, I started thinking about the comparison between what happens on Thanksgiving and the day after, and also my overall She Speaks experience. Haha I know it’s a weird thought, but stay with me here.

Thanksgiving dinner usually has so many different choices (I know my Thanksgiving dinner is full of so many foods that family brings!) and each one of them will taste different and offer a different sensory experience.

After arriving at She Speaks early on Thursday (I was too excited to wait around here an extra 2 hours!) I found myself visiting the vendor tables right away, there were so many things to look at. Even more so, each of the sessions during the conference all offered something unique to your ministry, whether it was writing strategies, speaking tips, marketing tools or self-empowerment, there was something (more than one thing) for everyone!

Back to Thanksgiving…After you scope out the food, get a little of everything and load up your plate with a little of each food (don’t want to miss out on anything good!) you head to the table and sit down. I usually glance at my plate and try to decide which food to start with first. I take a few bites of potatoes, and then try the turkey and gravy and maybe move on to the green bean casserole, what starts out as slowly tasting each food, quickly turns into eating as much as everything as I can as I quickly as I can, like someone is going to run away with it all any second!

After eating all of the food that I put on my plate (and going for seconds, and sometimes thirds), I often (ok, always) feel stuffed.

Stuffed. Yeah, that’s a good word.

That’s how I sum up my experience at She Speaks. I am stuffed full with information, inspiration and encouragement. I am stuffed full with new ideas for my blog, coaching, facebook page, small groups, and own spiritual development.

Not a bad thing, but you can’t enjoy yourself if you are so stuffed with Thanksgiving dinner. I can’t take part in post Thanksgiving dinner fun if I’m too full to move. I also can’t savor the food  if I have eaten past the brim.

All this to say, that I am choosing to not allow myself to fill up with conference notes and insights to the point where I won’t be able to enjoy each idea to the fullest.

So how am I going to digest everything I learned?

Just like you should do with food you eat, I am going to slowly chew on each piece of “soul food” that was fed to me over the weekend.

I need to chew on each nugget of spiritual wisdom with intention and purpose.

I need to let myself linger on each quote and really savor the words.

Words of encouragement. Words of hope. Words of faith. Word of knowledge. Words of wisdom.

Such a great reminder to really TASTE AND SEE, THE LORD IS GOOD!  (Psalm 34:8) 



Oh, and those of you that are looking for my practical takeways here those are:

  • I am more introverted than I thought, I definitely felt myself need to be alone to “recharge”.
  • I am now educated in the fact that speaking and writing go hand-in-hand. I can’t write and not speak about what I write. (So nevermind to those of you I told that I could never picture myself speaking)

Oh and the biggest revelation of all that came to me in a vivid vision… I am being led to write a book!!! More details to follow in a future post!

Fellow She Speaks sisters, I would love to know how you plan to digest all of the knowledge and truth that was imparted on us, please share in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving and She Speaks- What they have in common”

  1. So thankful we had the chance to meet at She Speaks, Stephanie! Love hearing some of the nuggets you left with after the weekend. Can’t wait to see what God has next….especially with your “book revelation.” God’s richest blessings to you! 🙂


  2. love the comparison to thanksgiving. i am going to heed your advice and unpack my notes and all the thoughts in my head slowly. so exciting about your call to write a book.


  3. Very creative post, Stephanie! I love how you compared She Speaks to Thanksgiving and being overstuffed with the information and inspiration from She Speaks to being overstuffed with food at Thanksgiving. I came away from the weekend feeling full, as well. I needed some time to digest everything I heard and that God spoke to me. I can’t wait to see what you do with your revelation that you are called to write a book!


  4. Pure awesomeness! I was not at She Speaks, but I am a member of Compel. Already I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the special weekend. So thankful you were able to attend. Book!? Would love to hear more.


  5. This was a brilliant recap! I too felt stuffed; even swollen in my mind from so much great content and inspiration! Thank you for combining all of the experience in such a relatable way! I totally wish we could have connected in person:)! I was a first-time attendee so the one way I’m trying to digest it all is by sharing my experience with my circle of friends, unpacking certain notes little by little. I’m so thankful for the journal:handboowe had because I filled up the pages with even more thoughts and prayers too. I hope you have an amazing time as the days come and go- unpacking and savoring this incredible experience we had😁.


  6. I really liked your takeaway that speaking and writing go hand in hand. I told a few ladies also” I am a writer not a speaker- I could never speak I have stage fright!!”
    How Exciting that you will be writing a book!


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