Why is it called Butterfly Beginnings?

I want to share the reason behind Butterfly Beginnings. I’ve been doing internet research to see what other type of businesses are called Butterfly Beginnings, or have a similar name.

So far I’ve came across Butterfly Beginnings- an addiction recovery group/program and Butterfly Beginnings- a Douala service in Australia.

I did not check this out before I named my ministry, in fact there were several other potential names I was thinking of:

F.O.T.S (Fruit of the Spirit….. this one would have sounded weird to say)

Hope.Wish.Dream (overused and not specific to my calling)

Live Love Faith (again overused and vague)

and then,…Butterfly Beginnings

I don’t remember how the name came to me, just that when it came to me, I knew that was it.

Butterflies have been part of my life for most of my life. I remember my great grandma always loving butterflies. She gave my mom a picture that had the “butterfly blessing” on it.  My brother read that blessing at my wedding, and we had a butterfly release by the lake at my reception (side note:if anyone reading is considering a butterfly release, make sure that you have several of them or prepare to shake the box because otherwise you will open it and only one or two will come out…yes this happened to us and I have a picture of my husband shaking the box to try to get them out)

Here is the original Butterfly Blessing my great grandma gave my mom

Some of my favorite verses:

Bless me with the ability of a butterfly to endure the changes that will happen to me in my lifetime.

Bless me with the butterflies’ ability to pollinate your flowers, so that I may cultivate your human garden with love and compassion.

When we think of a butterfly we imagine

New Life.



Butterfly Beginnings captures the essence of a new life created in the image of Jesus. It illustrates the idea of the caterpillar as the past life and the changes we undergo to emerge as a beautiful child of God!

Butterfly Beginnings is about finding your identity in who God says you are and about realizing and living out His purpose for your life everyday.

Everyday I aspire to cultivate others with love and compassion.
Everyday I look to transform my heart. 
Everyday I reflect the colors of my soul, being and individuality and look for these things in others. 
Everyday I try to create and instill the feeling of wonder, passion and excitement in others.

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

2 Corinthians 5:17

*UPDATE:My mother just told me it’s my great grandma’s birthday today, she would have been 97. I did know this until AFTER I wrote this post. God works in mysterious ways!

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