Becoming a Lifeforming Coach - My Transformation

Coaching in the Real World

After the last part of our workshop on Thursday, I sent over the paperwork for my internship client to take a look at before Saturday. Luckily in the workshop we got to practice what we would do for our first coaching session. After going through what I was going to say while reviewing the contract, I  became very excited and ready for the coaching session. Saturday morning could not come soon enough!

Saturday morning did come, and I met my client at the library where we had our first session in a private study room. Between Thursday and Saturday I had rehearsed what was going to say when going over the paperwork, but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to say when I was to share my life story.

The contract talk was easy, and while my life story was abbreviated, it painted a good picture of how my childhood, recent revelations and faith in God have lead me to point I am at today. We learned in class to share personal details to catalyze authenticity, and I was happy when my client shared very personal details regarding their life story. Their ability to open up about their past helps me a coach to better understand them.

After sharing stories, we looked at one of the coaching tools, The Wheel of Life, to determine the level of satisfaction within the different areas. They stepped through each area and gave feedback for each part. At the end I brought up the 3 areas that they rated the lowest, and the decision was to set a financial goal for the next 6 weeks. (6 weeks in the length of time of the internship, however I have spoke to my client about continuing after the first 6 weeks).

So they set a goal to save 10% and off we went to determine the potential action steps to help make saving money happen. Each question I asked came back to the same answer. Everything circled back to this one main theme.

God. The relationship with God. The trust in God.

So I named this. I don’t know if it’s considered leading or not (I’ll ask my trainer though) “I know we set a goal for saving money, but I am hearing you bring up God alot in your answers/conversation, where is your heart at this point?”

At that moment my heart was leading the conversation, and once we switched gears to speak of their relationship with God, everything just clicked.

Action steps were decided and although they lack a support system immediately, I reminded them that I will be there for them. To provide the best S.E,A I can. They know that I will be checking in, but they don’t know when or how. So I have the upper hand in terms of providing the best encouragement and accountability.

At the end of the session I wanted to debrief, to find out what their biggest takeaway was and what they thought about everything.

The take away was they are ready and excited and emotional because they know it’s going to be a great experience. It fills my heart with overwhelming love and joy to know that through the power of the holy spirit speaking through me, I can touch someone else’s life.

Our church sermon today talked a little about these things. Saying Yes to God changes the world. He will bring about blessings in unexpected places. My internship client is as much of a blessing to me as I am to them.

Greater is he living in me than he who is in the world.

As for the technical parts of coaching, I didn’t stress, I remained in the moment, fully present and aware and I was able to coach from my heart. I think in terms of meeting all of the objectives for the coaching curriculum, I was successful.

In terms of having a loving heart, just caring and loving my neighbor, I was right there. There is no promise that you will not endure a storm, even in the midst of God’s will. But there is the promise that you will not endure the storm alone. No it was not perfect, however I rest in knowing that it is not up to me to make decisions. When you give yourself over to God, you have a peace that does not bring about worrying.

I just bask in the joy that I feel and the love and hope I desire to show and the happiness I want to share.


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