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Marathon Coach Training – Saturday Peer Meeting and Workshop

After going to the retreat two weekends ago, it has been great to see how God has worked in my life, specifically my self- image and my marriage and relationships with others. It is one thing to say that you are giving everything over to God, and another thing to actually do it.

There is something so liberating to take the pressure off of yourself and seek your identity in Christ and his plan for you. There seems to be a theme in my posts, to breaks the bonds that bind you to this world so you are free to live out your ultimate purpose and his plan for you life. Considering this, it is amazing how God connected me to my internship and as promised I will share that story.

After the retreat, I received a facebook request from a woman that was also at the retreat that we share a mutual friend. I thought it was really nice to be friended, especially since we did not talk to each other directly at the retreat. Then on Tuesday I saw that she posted that she was convicted by the message of the retreat and she is ready to get some things in order. Without skipping a beat I messaged her, explaining everything about coaching and what I can offer. Not thinking that she was respond and actually be interested, she did! She replied saying that she would love to work together! On Thursday morning I also spoke with her on the phone and after my conversation with her, I am more than ready to begin coaching her on Saturday! I am not sure what I will be coaching her on, but one common thread is that we’ve decided that God put us in the place we are, and has orchestrated this relationship.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, the last day of the unsupervised peer meeting where my peer and I got to share our progress and final thoughts and debrief about our coaching abilities. Bottom line, we were both very gracious about God and the insight he gave us regarding our respective issues. I took that gracious attitude in with me to the workshop where during one activity we got the chance to coach one of our classmates. The way the activity worked was there was one main coach and a backup coach, I ended up being the back up coach to be “tagged” when the main coach was stuck.

I sat there and waited to be tagged by her, and it wasn’t until the end of the session she tagged me in, and I was able to ask an accountability question. I realized that we have different coaching styles. She was asking surface level fact-gathering questions, and towards the end I asked a question about knowing the solutions discussed which one could she commit to for the upcoming week? This allowed for her to become emotional and able to reevaluate her situation. It was very rewarding to be able to help her see a potential solution to her problem (through the power of the holy spirit).

During the workshop it was also a time of giving and receiving feedback regarding coaching styles and our “elevator speech”. We had to give a short blurb about what our niche is as a life coach and what we do as a life coach. I explained myself as a “personal change expert” and that I wanted to partner with people to help them reach their ultimate potential as children of God. While I have this idea as my niche, the thought of focusing on this type of growth is intimidating. I’ve still been prayerfully considering the focus that I want to have, and this point I am being lead to the same point each time.

Just the thought of being able to work with someone and help them achieve all the glory that God has planned for them, and help them get closer to God makes my heart full of joy and excitement. Now that I can say that my niche is “Breakthrough, Life Purpose and Life Balance” coaching, the next steps question that I seek guidance on is coaching as a business or coaching as a ministry.

I will end this post here and the next post will be about the above dilemma.

In light of my decided focus, I leave you with Proverbs 3:5-7, the only way to gain insight and wisdom is to openly seek and depend on the holy spirit.

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding, In all of your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.

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