Becoming a Lifeforming Coach - My Transformation

Our Two Hour Class & Game Plan for Peer Coaching

After having two 5 hour workshops, the two hour class seemed like a walk in the park At least that is what I thought going into it. It turns out that when you volunteer to be a demonstration for the entire class, it involves a little more sharing.

The question was simple, it was a prompt to think of something that you are dealing with right now. The immediate topic that came to my mind was my husband’s absence and dealing with being alone most of the time.

The task was for my classmates to help me explore this topic further by listening well and asking the appropriate questions. They each took turns to ask me a question pertaining to my situation. It was nice to be heard. While some of the questions were easier than others, it was important for me let each of the questions sink in so I could put into words how I feel. I am glad that I was able to explore this topic with my peers, I already feel connected to them.

Yes, this is a short post, after the demo and debriefing we went over two worksheets and our assignments for this week. One idea I wrote down seems to be an important point, “Be real not religious.” This goes with being authentic, and I feel that expressing myself and being real comes naturally to me.

After class our trainer sent an email letting us know who we would be paired up with to be their coach and also to be coached by them. This seems like it will be an interesting dynamic and beneficial for both of us in both areas.

I got who I wanted as my peer partner, we are really going to be able to help each other work through some roadblocks that will hold us back as future coaches and also interfere with our ability to listen. After tonight we have signed out agreement forms, scheduled meeting times and also disclosed what we would like to work on for the next few weeks. I am very encouraged and I feel like I will be able to help my peer partner through some things, even it means being even more vulnerable and more real myself.

I think the best way to get the most out of our meetings is to pray, I want to pray each time that the Holy Spirit speaks through me to reveal an important truth that needs to be discovered (or rediscovered). I think that I need to remember to not look into the future, but focus on the present and be mindful and fully aware. This means that I don’t try to create breakthroughs, I simply need to explore their requested topic by asking the questions that are given to me by the Holy Spirit.

I am finding that this requires constant redirection. I constantly have to shift my focus and redirect my thoughts to focus on reflection. This is a skill that I want to practice more. A skill that I NEED to practice more.

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